Webanimator - 5 Stars, I really like it

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Webanimator - 5 Stars, I really like it

Post by Julian »

I purchased WA4 yesterday after using the trial to create a banner for my website with it.
Previously I used a web service first to create the banner and that worked quite well.
But the created HTML object did not scale well, and I also wanted to create some instruction pages, too. So I looked for an alternative. With WA4 I did not just find an alternative, but a far more versatile product. I can literally do any animation I can think of. I now created an animation which dissolves my logo into pieces and that took me maybe half an hour.

What I really like is that the previw is instant - it just opens in a browser, and boom - I see my animation. The export works instantly, too ands I can also test the script localy.

Thank you for developing this amazing software!

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Post by wooliecat »

Im using webanimator 4 now.
I am making stand alone animations, so I don't think I need to
be concerned about break points.
I am confused as to how to manage "triger" media play/pause.
Does the diaglog just land whereve it wants to.

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