Video Will Not Render

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Video Will Not Render

Post by Max77 »


I've made a basic animation of a turning flower image blowing some leafs (leafs are imported video) from left to right. I've tried to output this animation as a .mp4 video but the render processing incator stays at 0% for hours and days on end before I decide to just discontinue the render. I've attached a screenshot of the output settings and render indicator for reference.

Any help on this will be much appreciated, thanks in advance

GDrive Link To Screenshots: ... drive_link

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Post by Oskar007 »

unfortunately I can't give you a suitable answer without seeing the project. If you want me to look at the animation, please send me the files packed as zip or rar file and upload them here for free and send them to the e-mail address I send you via private message(PM).

Thank you.

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