Where are the buttons and How to:

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Where are the buttons and How to:

Post by HOB »

I've used WebAnimator 3 a lot for my websites and was about to buy the new version.
However there are some issues.

1. Where are the simple to add buttons as in WebAnimator 3?
I know you can use HTML code to add a button, but that's not so easy to do and manipulate.

2. The way JavaScript works isn't clear to me.
To make interactive websites I used JavaScript a lot in version 3. It took a lot of time to find out how it worked. https://www.edutechsoft.nl/Webanimator%20Plus/

This works well...
function clickme(doc, e){
Shows 'Hello' when I click an element.

How can I use the suggested functions like...

Set the border style of the element.
- border {String}: CSS border style value. Possible values: 'none', 'solid', 'dotted', 'dashed'.
Return: {undefined}

This doesn't work...
function clickme(doc, e) {
alert("to dot or not to dot");

Can you provide some sample files or some kind of manual?


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Post by Oskar007 »


unfortunately javascript is not really my thing, but in the manual from page 175 you can look at details about java, which will definitely help you.

Link: https://www.webanimator.com/en/support.html


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