old "button" topic re-visited

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old "button" topic re-visited

Post by wooliecat » Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:20 pm

Hello Oskar or ( Responsable Support Agent ) .
Back to the buttons issue.
Being a Flash programmer, naturally I want buttons to have great functionality.
But here in Webanimator I am suffering great limitations.
Ok here goes again;
The button interface, as is , will not allow me to copy buttons constructed in a file
and paste them into another file.

What a mess if you care to try this. The hover is never in the same place, and the text
is scrambled, out of line, and in one case caused the whole app to crash.
I had to resort ot creating my own button with compound scenes.
Addmittedly, I am still new here. I don't quite understand the time line layout too well yet either. I can't make invisible/blank sections in the timeline. Maybe is it is not designed for that.
Getting the informaion is extremely slow in this " piece meal" forum interface.
In one Skype session I could get a years worth on information compared to here.
Buttons, at least they work pretty good in standard mode.

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