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WebAnimator Go - Create website animations

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:01 am
by GamesBX2608
WebAnimator Go is the ideal solution for creating animations, product slideshows and slideshows for web pages, suitable for even beginners. The advantage of WebAnimator Go is that many templates of graphic creation tools are available, saving you a lot of time and effort for users.
WebAnimator Go is an application for creating animations for websites for web designers thanks to the integrated library of rich templates and many attractive features, supporting the maximum user in operations such as inserting custom content and Export to computer, create overlay effect, embed HTML5 code for animation, etc.

Download WebAnimator Go if you are looking for a simple animation creation application for your website without using too much complicated software or requiring complex execution. After launching the application, you need to choose a mode to create new projects or edit existing projects.

Talking about the function of creating an animation, Beneton Movie GIF is a quite useful tool with a rich stock of templates along with quite eye-catching animation effects, besides Beneton Movie GIF also allows watching the animation before exporting the final product. together so you can edit it as you like.
WebAnimator Go is capable of handling many input image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF, exporting animations to HTML, GIF formats and image formats exclusively for WebAnimator and Website X5.

To create animations with beautiful 3D effects, 3D Flash Animator will be the right choice for the animation, building the interface of the website, 3D Flash Animator makes use of the ability of Action Script. 3, Export to file as the best quality Flash.

Key features of WebAnimator Go:

- 4 standard templates.

- Integrated template library.

- Import photos with many supported formats.

- Customize the color overlay and add text.

- Save and embed HTML5 code.