Webanimator - Why Not Responsive?

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Webanimator - Why Not Responsive?

Post by Alphamatt » Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:20 am

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been searching a while for an animation program before i found WebAnimator.
Before this time i was using Bannersnack which was a good solution for making web animations and banners by
purchasing a point and using the point to download your animation as HTML5, MP4 or Gif.

I was happy with this solution until Bannersnack decided to no longer operate with points and introduced their Abo.
The Abo is OK, but only for those who creates a lot of banners and animations in a year. :roll:
That's when I decided that i will find and buy a good animation software. I came across one like Google WebDesigner (freeware), Tumult Hype, Synfig Studio. I tried them but when i found WebAnimator i knew this is the right software. :D

In my opinion what makes WebAnimator one of the best Animations software out right now in the market is the extreme user friendly interface, the strong functions which makes it fast to realize an animation with out flash and having to know the code.
Who ever before animated with Adobe Flash will understand what i mean!

I have the copy of my WebAnimator since 2 Months and now and it took me a month and somedays to know the functions.
I have been doing test animations the last days and i was very satisfied with what i have achieved and the possibilities.
So now i made my first major animation for a website project am working on right now. Today afternoon i included the animation on the website which i found very easy on a joomla CMS.

The Animation looks fine and works fine but as i check the website responsiveness i realize that the animations created with WebAnimator are not responsive. :oops:
I hardly could believe this cos all the HTML5 animations software i ever came across were responsive even the google WebDesigner which is still a beta and freeware. So the question is why is such a good program like WebAnimator not responsive? This is a big disadvantage and knowing this almost makes this software obsolete.

This is a very extremely required function and why are the developers not reacting on it. I went through the entire forum and found out that there has been now and then a demand for this function even in the Italian forum. The oldest Forum Topic about responsiveness is dated 2012...so how come the developers have not reacted up to now. This function is not only highly needed by us customers who bought this software with our money but this function will raise the value of WebAnimator as the best HTML5 animations software in the Market.

Since this afternoon i have been going through all the .CSS & .JS from my exported animation folder trying to see if their is a
way to manipulate a js or css data to get my animation to be responsive. Not successful yet but at least i have found in WA_SCRIPT.js this code line: :idea:

sting_contant_ani1.stageHeight = 300;
sting_contant_ani1.stageWidth = 600;

The determine the size of my animation so maybe something can be done, still i employ all who need this function to comment here but please keep it mature and constructive. Maybe we can convince the developers to act fast on this function which makes WebAnimator to appear obsolete once one knows that it is not responsive.

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